August 2010 I made the decision that I would leave California and head to Texas.  2011 would be my year of Transition…finish the Information Systems degree I was working on and find a job in Austin, TX. by Dec. 2011.

2 months later while on a job assignment in Jacksonville, FL., I met Mr. Handsome.  I wasn’t looking, wasn’t interested in dating because…I was working my plan to leave California and find a job in Texas.  Over the holidays I corresponded with Mr. Handsome and I found myself looking forward to my next business trip to Jacksonville.

2011 turned out to be my year of transition…I fell in love with a wonderful man, I finished my Information Systems degree and I got laid off in November.  It all worked to my favor…the perfect time to leave (remember my plan; leave CA).  The condo was up for lease in less than 4 hours, the movers were scheduled and Mr. Handsome offered up his home as my headquarters for my job search.

It’s 2012…I am in Jacksonville, Fl., I’ve recovered from a severely sprained ankle (Vail trip w/ Mr. Handsome in Oct. 2011), exercising, cooking healthy meals, gardening…and oh yeah…looking for a job.  Until the job comes along…I’ve plenty to do around “The Big Cedar House”.  I’ve commandeered the island in the kitchen (newly renovated) as my “desk”…beside me…my Bible/Daily Devotions, my cup of coffee and a box of chocolate…the three things that get me through the day!

I liked my plan…I like God’s plan…even better!


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